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ZWZ angular contact ball bearings

Single row angular contact ball bearings by an outer ring, a inner ring, one ball, a cage component. This kind of bearings can support radial load and axial load, it can take pure axial load, can work at higher speeds. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only afford one direction of axial load. In the radial load, it will cause additional axial force, and only limited axial and shell axial displacement in one direction. Such bearings Although only afford a one-way axial load, but can with another bear against the direction of load bearing. If the combined installed in pairs to make a pair bearing outer ring face relatively the same, wide side facing wide end (back-to-DB), narrow side facing narrow end (face to face DF), so you can avoid additional axial force, and can be both directions so that shaft or housing limited axial clearance range.
Single row angular contact ball bearings mounted ball than the same size deep groove ball bearings and more, so the rated load in the ball bearings in the most rigid and too strong, stable operation. Can be used inside and outside the circle of mutual displacement adjustment radial clearance, and may be several sets of bearings in parallel resulting preloaded, improve system rigidity.

Use of angular contact ball bearings can not be split, and its self-aligning capability is very limited.
This kind of bearing is characterized by the contact angle is not zero, single row angular contact ball bearings standard contact angle with 15 กใ, 25 กใ, 30 กใ, 40 กใ. The contact angle of the size of the decision bearing the work can bear the radial force and axial force size, the contact angle the greater the bear axial load capacity is also greater. But the smaller the contact angle is more conducive to high-speed rotation.

Single row angular contact ball bearings in itself does not exist Clearance. Only group with post-angular contact ball bearings only have internal internal clearance. In accordance with the conditions demand, to provide groups with bearings are divided into pre-load (Preload) and pre-clearance (pre-clearance) in two ways. Preload Angular Contact Ball Bearing internal clearance is 0 or negative. Commonly used tool spindle to increase spindle rigidity and precision of rotation. Pair angular contact ball bearing factory clearance (pre-load) has no need to adjust the user to adjust. Ordinary single row angular contact ball bearing main width tolerance and end protruding amount is in the normal level of production of and can not match combinations.

ZWZ also produces Universal Angular Contact ball bearings that can be used back to back, face to face or in series such as arbitrary way pairing. Provide universal distribution group is divided into pre-load bearing (Preload) and pre-clearance (pre-clearance) in two ways. In addition to universal group with bearings, the bearings in the other groups with a single bearing does not have interchangeability. This kind of bearings are used for high-speed, high accuracy, axial load smaller occasion. Such as aircraft engine main shaft, spindle, and other high-speed precision machine spindle. Also used in high-frequency motors, gas turbines, pumps, air compressors, printing machines. Mechanical industry, the most widely used class bearings.

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