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HRB Tapered roller bearings

HRB Tapered roller bearings can be separated from the inner ring and roller, with the composition of the components of the cage and the outer ring can be installed separately. Roller and raceway contact the Department amended the contact line can reduce the stress concentration. Tapered roller bearing can withstand large radial loads and axial loads. Since tapered roller bearing axial load can only pass one way, so passing in the opposite direction for the axial load will need to install another symmetry with tapered roller bearings.

Tapered Roller Bearings is the largest in the dosage of single row tapered roller bearings. Front wheel in the car in recent years to spend the small size of the double row tapered roller bearings. Four-row tapered roller bearings in a large cold, hot rolling mill and other heavy machines.

Single row tapered roller bearings have a outer ring, the inner ring and a set of tapered roller cover from the box-type cage into an inner component. Outer inner components can be separate, according to ISO tapered roller bearings standard dimensions, any one standard model of the tapered roller bearing outer rings or inner components and the same model should be able to outer or inner component and implementation of international exchanges. Outer ring of the same model except that the Department of dimensions, tolerances need to comply with ISO492 (GB307) provides, the inner components of cone angle, diameter and other components must also comply with pyramidal exchange of the relevant provisions.

Typically, single row tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway of the cone angle 10 กใ ~ 19 กใ before, can also withstand bearing load and radial load to the joint effect. Cone angle is, the ability to withstand the larger axial load. Large cone angle of the bearing, post code plus B, cone angle 25 กใ ~ 29 กใ between, it can bear large axial load. In addition, the single row tapered roller bearings can be adjusted during installation clearance size.
Double row tapered roller bearing outer ring (or inner) is a whole. Two inner (or outer) face similar small gutter ring, clearance is by repeat cycles to adjust the thickness, and can also be used to adjust the thickness separated circle double row tapered roller bearings and preloaded.

Tapered roller bearings with radial oriented mainly to bear radial and axial joint load. Bearing load capacity depends on the angle of the outer ring raceways, the greater the angle the greater the carrying capacity. This kind of bearing is separable bearings, rolling bearings according to the number of rows into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance adjustment required to the user during installation; double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance from the factory has been given based on user requirements, users do not need to adjust.

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